Institute membership recruitment is focused on organizations that have a vested interest in advancing the following values:

A system of care that provides clinicians with maximum flexibility in responding to patient needs and preference, including diagnosis and treatment guidelines, prescription drug formularies, performance measures and payment models;

Research designs that assure the statistically-significant inclusion of all affected population cohorts;

The collection, analysis and publication of data that identify and monitor diagnosis and treatment inequities in geographic areas and population cohorts;

Increased transparency and empowerment of patients, beneficiaries and healthcare consumers through enhanced monitoring and evaluation of the outcomes associated with promulgated policy and regulation, and wide-spread dissemination of the findings;

The creation of standards of care that are based upon data and evidence reflecting all U.S. population and patient cohorts;

The need to assure that access models not create disincentives for quality improvement or incentives to constrain access to the most efficacious therapeutic options;

The imperative that all health and awareness initiatives be imbued with the values of equity and social justice.


For additional information contact:

Gretchen C. Wartman, Vice President for Policy and Programs, Director, Institute for Equity in Health Policy and Practice, National Minority Quality Forum, 202.223.7563

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